Here you will find all the punk, hardcore, crust and d-beat tapes in our online store. We have very limited numbers of many of these cassettes so don't hesitate if you want to order any of them. 
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man. I Wanna Be A Rrose On Planet Earth Too. Tape.
Remixes of 3 classic Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man tracks.
Dub Weasel. The Best Dressed Weasel In Town. Tape.
4 dub reggae tracks produced James Domestic of The Domestics, Pi$$er, Froggy & The Ringes, Hazard Profile and countless others.
Anti Cimex. This Fucking System. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
Absolutely classic Swedish punk.
A Point Of Protest. Thoughts of a Dying Man. Tape.
Debut album from A Point Of Protest. Hardcore punk from Antwerp, Belgium.
Sedition Act. Demo. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
Absolutely raging hardcore from Singapore.
Impulso. Self Titled EP. Tape.
Italian hardcore punk by Impulso. Four tracks on a red cassette.
Badger. Badger Saves Rock -n- Roll. Tape.
Heavy hardcore/metal by Badger.
Crooked Kingdom. Let Me Get Lost. Tape.
Dutch hardcore punk from Crooked Kingdom.
Clckws. Popular Polarization. Tape.
Fast, loud and aggressive hardcore on the second release from Clckws.
Combatant. Psychosis EP. Tape.
Early 80's NYHC influenced punk from Combatant.
Cujo. Demo. Tape.
Cujo. Hardcore punk from St Louis, Missouri USA.
Riot Stones. Mosh With An Open Mind. Tape.
Hardcore punk from Morocco courtesy of Riot Stones. Available on tape.
Hateful Three. Demo. Tape.
Punk/Thrash crossover from Hateful Three.
Obedience. Demo. Tape.
5 tracks of old-skool hardcore from Obedience.
Urge To Kill (U2K). Tape.
Hardcore from Canberra, Australia.