Sold Out

These are all the items that we have currently sold out of.
Hondartzako Hondakinak. Bruiarta. LP. **SOLD OUT**
Don't judge this by its cover. This is an amazing album from Hondartzako Hondakinak.
Bombardement. Self Titled. LP. **SOLD OUT**
Awesome debut album from Bordeaux d-beaters Bombardement.
DELETÄR. Self Titled. LP. **SOLD OUT**
DELETÄR, Debut album from this d-beat band from Saint Étienne, France.
SHOCK. S/T. 7" Vinyl. **SOLD OUT**
Violent, raw and dirty hardcore from Bordeaux, France.
Anti Cimex. This Fucking System. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
Absolutely classic Swedish punk.
Haest. Anomie. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
Hardcore/doom/punk from the UK South coast.
Bring The Drones. Bordello Hospital. 7" Vinyl **SOLD OUT**
Bring The Drones see members of Driller Killer and Doom come together on this 4 track EP.
Endless Chaos. Self Titled. 7" Vinyl **SOLD OUT**
Supercharged Japanese hardcore punk from Endless Chaos. Available on vinyl.
Bombardement. EP. 7" Vinyl **SOLD OUT**
Fantastic follow up from Bombardement to their album last year. New vocalist & new vinyl.
Youth Avoiders. Time Flies. 7" Vinyl **SOLD OUT**
More great hardcore punk from the ¾ French, and ¼ German, Youth Avoiders.
Youth Avoiders. Spare Parts. 7" Vinyl. **SOLD OUT**
The 4 track follow up to their debut album from Youth Avoiders.
Youth Avoiders. Relentless LP. **SOLD OUT**
The 2018 follow up to brilliant debut album from Parisian hardcore punks Youth Avoiders. This is even better!
Wonk Unit. Trolleys Thank You/Wonk Unit Saved My Life. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
Wonk Unit's brilliant second album re-released by Nosebleed Records.
Wonk Unit. Live At The Brook. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
The 1st physical release of Wonk Unit's stripped down and acoustic set at The Brook.
Driller Killer. Fuck The World & Reality Bites. **SOLD OUT**
Driller Killer's Fuck The World & Reality Bites albums together on 1 Tape.
Driller Killer. Total Fucking Hate & Brutalize. **SOLD OUT**
Driller Killer's Total Fucking Hate & Brutalize albums together on 1 Tape.
Genital Jiggling x Jodie Faster. 666 Cups of Black Coffee. **SOLD OUT**
Split EP from Jodie Faster and Genital Jiggling. 10 songs in 10 and a half minutes. Awesome.
Misantropic. Insomnia Anniversary Edition. Special Package. **SOLD OUT**
The second release on our DIY label...special anniversary edition of Misantropic's 'Insomnia'.
Youth Avoiders. Rewind. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
The first release on our DIY label...from the amazing Youth Avoiders. Limited to 30 copies.
Disfear. Soul Scars. 25th Anniversary Tape. **SOLD OUT**
25 year anniversary edition of Disfear's Soul Scars album. Tape version limited to 80 copies only.
Jodie Faster. Blame Yourself. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
Great full length release from Jodie Faster.
Orden Mundial. Porque Las Drogas son Veneno. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
Distorted hardcore from Orden Mundial. Limited edition of only 25 copies.
Demokhratia. No Religions, No States. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
9 tracks of hardcore from Algerian punks Demokhratia. Available on tape.
Impulso. Costante Ossessione. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
More furious Italian Hardcore from Impulso. This comes on a great looking tape.
Youth Avoiders. Self Titled LP. **SOLD OUT**
Brilliant debut album from Parisian hardcore punks Youth Avoiders. Available on vinyl.
Bombardement. Demo. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
Fantastic demo from this d-beat band from Bordeaux, France. Available on cassette.
Driller Killer. Cold Cheap and Disconnected & And The Winner Is. **SOLD OUT**
Driller Killer's Cold Cheap and Disconnected and And The Winner Is...albums together on 1 tape.
Svart Städhjälp. 12 Spår. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
12 track compilation from Swedish hardcore band Svart Städhjälp.
G.L.O.S.S. Demo. 7" Vinyl. **SOLD OUT**