Bombardement. EP. 7" Vinyl **SOLD OUT**
Fantastic follow up from Bombardement to their album last year. New vocalist & new vinyl.
Constant State Of Terror. Speak Truth To Power. LP.
Crust/Hardcore Punk from Brighton, United Kingdom.
G.L.O.S.S. Demo. 7" Vinyl. **SOLD OUT**
Wonk Unit. Trolleys Thank You/Wonk Unit Saved My Life. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
Wonk Unit's brilliant second album re-released by Nosebleed Records.
Hondartzako Hondakinak. Bruiarta. LP. **SOLD OUT**
Don't judge this by its cover. This is an amazing album from Hondartzako Hondakinak.
Beat The Red Light. Salt The Lands. CD.
Beat the Red Light mesh metal riffs with ska choruses to make you mosh and dance.
Youth Avoiders. Time Flies. 7" Vinyl **SOLD OUT**
More great hardcore punk from the ¾ French, and ¼ German, Youth Avoiders.
Endless Chaos. Self Titled. 7" Vinyl **SOLD OUT**
Supercharged Japanese hardcore punk from Endless Chaos. Available on vinyl.
Pizzatramp. Grand Relapse. CD.
Pizzatramp give a massive middle finger to the norm which will make your heart boom and your soul dance.
Cujo. Demo. Tape.
Cujo. Hardcore punk from St Louis, Missouri USA.
Driller Killer. Total Fucking Hate & Brutalize. **SOLD OUT**
Driller Killer's Total Fucking Hate & Brutalize albums together on 1 Tape.
Bring The Drones. Bordello Hospital. 7" Vinyl **SOLD OUT**
Bring The Drones see members of Driller Killer and Doom come together on this 4 track EP.
Combatant. Psychosis EP. Tape.
Early 80's NYHC influenced punk from Combatant.
Youth Avoiders. Rewind. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
The first release on our DIY label...from the amazing Youth Avoiders. Limited to 30 copies.
Grand Collapse. Along The Dew. CD.
High octane punk from Cardiff’s Grand Collapse.
Youth Avoiders. Relentless LP. **SOLD OUT**
The 2018 follow up to brilliant debut album from Parisian hardcore punks Youth Avoiders. This is even better!
Marée Noire. Self Titled. 7" Vinyl.
Angry hardcore/d-beat on this 4 track release from Marée Noire.
Badger. Badger Saves Rock -n- Roll. Tape.
Heavy hardcore/metal by Badger.
Obedience. Demo. Tape.
5 tracks of old-skool hardcore from Obedience.
Matilda's Scoundrels. As The Tide Turns. CD.
Folk driven aggro punk guaranteed to make you dance.