Youth Avoiders. Rewind. Tape. **SOLD OUT**

The first release on our DIY label...from the amazing Youth Avoiders. Limited to 30 copies.
This is the 1st release on our Forever Dead label.

We have put together an 8 song compilation tape from the brilliant Youth Avoiders!!

Limited to 30 copies, of which 10 copies have been sent to the band, this compilation is not intended to simply be a 'best of'. Of course, we think every song on this cassette is brilliant...but we prefer to look at it as a short, sharp blast showcasing tracks from each Youth Avoiders release. That is why we did not want to put more songs on this. We hope that, after listening to the songs on this tape and having your mind blown, you are left wanting you get yourself the original releases where we took these songs from. 

These are pro duplicated cassettes, with on body printing and they come with a double sided A5 sized insert and download code. Each copy is also individually numbered.

This is a non-profit release. We have made a donation to Bournemouth Food Bank as a thank you for Youth Avoiders for agreeing for us to release this tape.

We would also like to thank the band for allowing us free rein in choosing the songs and artwork for this release. Cheers.

Track Listing:
Youth Avoiders
Grit Your Teeth
On The Run
Snake Charmer
Between Disparate Lines
No Disguise

Released on 03 October 2020.
Cat No: Dead 1.

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