Gasmask Terrör. Complete Recordings Vol. 2: 2011​-​2015. CD.

A great round up of Gasmask Terrör's final 4 recordings. 22 songs in total.
Gasmask Terrör were a French d-beat crust / hardcore punk band from Bordeaux.

This CD contains 22 songs from 4 of the bands recordings including the brilliant 'Chape De Plomb' LP which we have uploaded below.

Also included on the CD are the '17101961' and 'Like Daggers' EPs as well as 3 remastered tracks originally found on the 'Bordeaux Boredom Vol. 1' compilation (which also featured Hondartzako Hondakinak).

The CD comes in a jewel case with Japanese-style Obi strip and 8-page booklet.

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