Brassick. 2.0. CD.

Anti fascist, anti capitalist and pro equality hardcore punk,
The 2nd full length release from Brassick unleashes an unrelenting barrage of fast-paced hardcore punk with strong thought provoking lyrics tackling a range of social and political issues. Ever out spoken, with a tendency not to take themselves too seriously, Brassick sport a true anti fascist, anti capitalist and pro equality message.

“If Brassick weren’t on your radar then they should be now! This years set the world on fire album so far.” – The Punk Site

“2.0 from start to finish is quite simply magnificent; right up there with some of the best punk offerings heard in recent times.” – Ringmaster 

“2.0 is an accomplished, focused, dynamic record, and the sound of a band hitting their stride in considerable fashion.” – TonkoJeff 

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