Follow Your Dreams. The Half Life Of Teaspoons. CD.

Fast, technical hardcore punk blended with post-punk and mathcore.
Follow Your Dreams are a Manchester-based 4-piece, formed in 2018, playing fast, aggressive hardcore punk with an experimental streak. 'The Half Life of Teaspoons' is their debut album showcasing political lyrics, furious drums, odd time signatures and a whole bundle of effects pedals.

After recording a demo in late 2018 they set about playing a bunch of gigs and punk festivals including Pie Race, Manchester Punk Festival, Book Yer Ane Fest and Wotsitcalled Fest.

“What can only be described as non conformist music, music that would sit wonderfully on the shelf of not doing what it is supposed to do (will defiantly infuriate the “everything has to be in its place” musicians) and bring joy to the lovers of chaos.” The Punk Site 

“If you like blistering noise combined with outrageous experimentalism and multiple time changes then it’s probably right up your street.” IPA Music 

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