DIY Label

Following on from setting up our distro we quickly decided to start a DIY punk label to release limited edition tapes. 

Our first release was by the brilliant French hardcore band Youth Avoiders. 'Rewind' was an 8 track compilation that the band were awesome enough to allow us to choose the tracks and do the artwork. 30 copies were printed up, individually numbered, and came with an A5 sized colour insert. We released it on 03 October 2020.   

The second release came out on 21 November 2020. We put together a quality package for an anniversary edition of Misantropic's fantastic 'Insomnia' album. Alongside the album itself the tape came with a 7 track bootleg of their earliest recording and 5 live songs including covers of tracks by Doom, Nausea and Mob 47. Once again 30 copies were made. The cassettes came in printed tins and with 12 page, A5 sized colour booklets. We then added cotton bags on which we printed one of the bands old live backdrops. As it was an anniversary edition release, of one of our favourite albums, we wanted to make sure that we did something special and we think we pulled it off.  

Both releases were totally non-profit. 

We already have ideas for other releases as we aim to be putting out more great punk music on a regular basis. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find out when.
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man. I Wanna Be A Rrose On Planet Earth Too. Tape.
Remixes of 3 classic Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man tracks.
Rash Decision. Year Of The Silence. LP **This is a pre-order**
**This is a pre-order. Vinyl is due March 2022**
Dub Weasel. The Best Dressed Weasel In Town. Tape.
4 dub reggae tracks produced James Domestic of The Domestics, Pi$$er, Froggy & The Ringes, Hazard Profile and countless others.
Anti Cimex. This Fucking System. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
Absolutely classic Swedish punk.
Wonk Unit. Live At The Brook. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
The 1st physical release of Wonk Unit's stripped down and acoustic set at The Brook.
Misantropic. Insomnia Anniversary Edition. Special Package. **SOLD OUT**
The second release on our DIY label...special anniversary edition of Misantropic's 'Insomnia'.
Youth Avoiders. Rewind. Tape. **SOLD OUT**
The first release on our DIY label...from the amazing Youth Avoiders. Limited to 30 copies.