Stand Out Riot. The Gentleman Bandits. CD.
The second full length album from Stand Out Riot.
Incision. BLISS. CD.
Dragging 80s American hardcore through the streets of Manchester.
Follow Your Dreams. The Half Life Of Teaspoons. CD.
Fast, technical hardcore punk blended with post-punk and mathcore.
Beat The Red Light. Self Titled. CD.
The debut EP from 8 piece ska-metal outfit Beat The Red Light.
Beat The Red Light. Salt The Lands. CD.
Beat the Red Light mesh metal riffs with ska choruses to make you mosh and dance.
Matilda's Scoundrels. As The Tide Turns. CD.
Folk driven aggro punk guaranteed to make you dance.
Christmas. Hot Nights In Saint Vandal. CD.
The hardcore train rolls on...
Brassick. 2.0. CD.
Anti fascist, anti capitalist and pro equality hardcore punk,
Harijan. S/T. CD.
Heavy ska-punk infused with reggae, dub, ragga and metal riffs.
Pizzatramp. Grand Relapse. CD.
Pizzatramp give a massive middle finger to the norm which will make your heart boom and your soul dance.
Bobby Funk. Longing For The Bonging. CD.
Bobby Funk will have you grinning like an idiot.
Grand Collapse. Along The Dew. CD.
High octane punk from Cardiff’s Grand Collapse.
Nosebleed. Scratching Circles On The Dancefloor. CD.
The debut album from Yorkshire’s best-dressed garage punk band.
Knife Club. We Are Knife Club. CD.
DIY punk rock 'supergroup' produce something brilliant.
Incisions. S/T. CD.
Debut album from Manchester based Incisions.
The Sporadics. Fight Truth Decay. CD.
Top quality ska-punk from UK crusty festival favourites.
Gasmask Terrör. Complete Recordings Vol. 2: 2011​-​2015. CD.
A great round up of Gasmask Terrör's final 4 recordings. 22 songs in total.